West Reading Pickleball Board Directors

The West Reading Pickleball Association Board of Directors is made up of volunteers who are enthusiastic about pickleball and can help facilitate the operation with respect to membership, events, outreach, sponsorships, finance, and more.

The Board is still being recruited. If you're interested in serving, please contact Ashley Maack at [email protected]

Joe Garapola


Joe Garapola has led a life of leadership. He served in the US Army for 20 years where he gained invaluable experience in leadership roles during peacetime and three wars.
Above all, Joe's interpersonal skills have allowed him to truly connect with people of widely disparate backgrounds. Joe has commanded at the Platoon, Company, and NATO Detachment level. He has also served in numerous staff and advisory positions, culminating his career as Deputy Commander of the Army Air Operations Group (AOG) in Washington, DC. Joe is currently an airline Captain for American Airlines, where he flies the Airbus 320 aircraft based out of Philadelphia. As Captain, Joe exercises leadership on a daily basis. Projecting a calm demeanor and fostering clear, positive communication with both aircrew and passengers. Every day, Joe sets a tone of inclusion and positive interaction. Joe possesses a passion for family, competition, exercise, and of course, pickleball.