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Meet Our West Reading Pickleball Coaches

Frank Farfan

Frank Farfan has been on the court for nearly a decade, spending 8 years as a tennis player and 1.5 as a pickleball enthusiast. When it comes to pickleball, he wants to achieve higher levels of skill and continues to hone his abilities day in and day out. His dedication to improving his skill is evident in his tournament participation, where he’s previously finished first place in local events. Frank has lived in Reading since 2005 and cares deeply about helping its people learn the ins and outs of pickleball. He loves to teach but also to learn new things himself, applying those experiences to his instruction and bringing out the best in others. He also loves to meet people, making him perfect for the coaching scene. His outgoing personality has helped him volunteer with COR Tennis in the past, and he’s currently a Level II Certified IPTPA Instructor. Frank is also an IPTPA Certified Rating Specialist (CRS-5). 

Karen Yoh

Karen Yoh is an IPTPA Level 1 Certified Pickleball Instructor. Karen's love for the game combined with her vibrant personality makes her a fun and effective pickleball instructor. She has a passion for teaching beginners. Book Karen to guide you along the "pathway to pickleball fun". Start your journey today!

Kathy Fromuth

Kathy Fromuth is an IPTPA Level 1 Certified Pickleball Instructor. Kathy brings her love and knowledge of all things racquet sports to West Reading Pickleball. She enjoys teaching beginner players and introducing new players to the game. Book Kathy to guide you along the "pathway to pickleball fun". Start your journey today!

Kevin Schroder

A native New Englander that’s lived in Berks County for 25 years, Kevin Schroder is a well-seasoned coach with his own unique style. Kevin is a certified pickleball coach through the IPTPA. He welcomes all ages and abilities and uses his previous coaching experience in basketball, baseball, and lacrosse at the High School & Youth levels to bring pickleball to the limelight and win the hearts of future generations. Kevin’s dedicated to more than just making his sessions relaxed, he keeps the fun going with his own endearing methods and provides a memorable experience in everyone’s pickleball journey. As a USMC Veteran, he’s dedicated to giving back to fellow vets with his company Squarehead Pickleball, supporting veteran’s charities with its products.